Post-Conference Workshop, Thursday, June 15, 2017 Root Cause Analysis – When Your Prevention Efforts Didn’t Work - 8hr hour class

Root Cause Analysis – When Your Prevention Efforts Didn’t Work

8 hours

This eight hour workshop will present a plain English approach to Root Cause Analysis based on ordinary logic and proven analytical techniques that may be applied in concert with any other RCA methodology currently in use.  After completing the workshop, participants will be able to apply the learning in their next day at work. 

We all understand that preventive medicine and routine medical checkups do not eliminate the need for ambulances, Emergency Rooms, and experienced medical trauma staff.  Similarly, our efforts to improve human performance and prevent serious events cannot replace the need to develop and maintain the skills and techniques required for effective Event Investigation/Root Cause Analysis.  When prevention-based efforts are ineffective, we must be prepared to respond to the crisis at hand. 

The workshop is centered on an event scenario that unfolds throughout the workshop and does not require power plant-specific knowledge to understand and analyze.  Following descriptions of each tool, participants engage in group discussions and hands-on exercises that internalize the subject. 

The event scenario and background material will be provided as the training unfolds throughout the day. 

Training materials provided to participants will include: 

  • A hard-copy of the Slide Show for note taking; 

  • A pdf file of the slideshow for use in attendees’ organizations; 

  • Other materials supportive of causal analysis (in electronic format); 

  • Additional scenario materials handed out as the day unfolds. 

Who Should Attend: 

This workshop is for professionals whose current or near-term future duties involve: 

  • Dealing with the impact of consequential organizational events. 

  • Sponsoring, conducting, or reviewing root cause analyses of adverse events or their precursors. 

  • Managing or training event investigation teams. 

  • Assessing the effectiveness of event investigations. 

  • Managing the outcomes of event investigations. 

  • Managing or assessing corrective action programs. 

  • Defending the regulatory aspects of event investigations. 

  • Safety Conscious Work Environment. 

Who Should NOT Attend: 

This workshop is not for people who want to continue thinking that: 

  • Future events can be entirely prevented through increased focus on “Human Performance” and “Trending.” 

  • Event investigation is a well-defined science about which nothing new can be learned. 

  • There is a single right way to do root cause analysis. 

  • For every consequential event there is one single root cause. 

  • Event consequences are not controlled by business decisions. 

  • Event investigation should be done mainly to satisfy outside agencies. 

Price: $500.00