Post-Conference Workshop, Thursday, June 15, 2017: Advanced Human & Organizational Performance for Well Versed, Gifted & Talented Practioners and/or Genii - 4hr Class

Advanced Human & Organizational Performance for Well-Versed, Gifted, and Talented Practitioners, and/or Genii (or inquisitive beginners) – Wes Havard and Charles Major

4 hours, Afternoon Workshop

This course will provide an in-depth exploration of the principles, key insights, and core concepts of Human & Organizational Performance Improvement. Practitioners will gain an enhanced understanding of the Human & Organizational Performance body of knowledge, with a focus on application. 



  1. Discuss and demonstrate the principles and key insights of HPI. 
  2. Explore additional HPI core concepts, including:
  • Performance Modes and Related Error Modes.
  • Traps, Triggers, and Tools.
  • Taxonomy and Psychology of Deviation.
  1. Explore a Learning-Oriented Approach to Event Response
  • Understanding the Normal Counterproductive Responses to Failure
  • Stopping the Blame Cycles to Enable Learning & Improvement
  • How to Use Failure as a Vehicle for Creating Engagement and Discretionary Effort Throughout the Organization.


Price: $300.00