Post-Conference Workshop, Thursday, June 15, 2017: Coaching in the Moment -2hr Class Core 4 HU Tools and Dynamic Learning Activities - 2hr Class

Coaching in the Moment – Sheri White

2 hours, Afternoon Workshop

Participants will leave with new techniques and understanding to help them coaching in a curious way and avoid confrontation.


Participants will understand and be able to recognize:

  • When a standard is/is not being met
  • Steps to take when a standard is being met and when it appears as though a standard is not being met
  • Tools available to assist with immediate coaching including recognition and coaching

Participants  will demonstrate their ability to:

  • “Catch people doing it right”
  • Enforce standards through immediate coaching and feedback

Core 4 HU Tools and Dynamic Learning Activities - Matt Minty

2 hours, Afternoon Workshop

Purpose is to share best practice of HU Tool identification and how gaps can be addressed with Dynamic Learning Activities (DLAs).


  • Share how Bruce Power landed on it’s Core 4 and ensure others understand how corrective action program can be leveraged to identify gaps.
  • Share examples of strategies we have employed that others may be interested in – Core 4 DLAs including onboarding, work to embed Core 4 into training, various communications (posters, lanyards etc…), Take it to the Next Level and Step it Up to address other behaviours that could be indications of gaps, and HU Days (presentation and DLA given to all staff who perform work in the stations).
  • Conduct a DLA so participants understand how they can be applied.
  • Answer questions so participants leave with an understanding of how and when DLAs can be used.


Price: $300.00