Post-Conference Workshop, Thursday, June 15, 2017 Human Performance Training for Knowledge Workers (Engineers/Office Workers) - 4hr hour class

Human Performance Training for Knowledge Workers (Engineers/Office Workers) 

Chris Steiger and Douglas Eicher, DTE Energy

4 hours, Morning Workshop

This course will provide an overview of the foundational knowledge of Human Performance as it applies to Knowledge Workers (Engineers and other non-frontline workers).  The course reinforces the concepts through multiple interactive exercises and concludes with a case study of the human error that played a role in the ceiling collapse that occurred during the Boston Big Dig Tunnel Project. 

The major focus of the training emphasizes the concept of latent errors unlike training for front-line workers which focuses heavily on active errors.  

  • Objective 1 – The Importance of Human Performance Throughout the Organization

  • Objective 2 – Understand the Basics of Human Performance (HP) 

  • Objective 3 – Intro to the 15 Knowledge Worker Tools 

  • Objective 4 – Case Study

Price: $300.00