Post-Conference Workshop, Thursday, June 15, 2017: HPI 101 – Human Performance Improvement Fundamentals - 4hr Class

HPI 101 – Human Performance Improvement FundamentalsJake J. Mazulewicz, Ph.D

4 hours, Morning Workshop

Vince Lombardi once said, “Excellence is achieved by mastery of the fundamentals.” So, if you haven’t yet mastered HPI fundamentals, or if you need better ways to refresh and reinforce them with your team, then join us in this interactive workshop. You’ll get an overview of the three core views of HPI – Apply Defenses, Improve Processes, & Build Resilience. You’ll get practical, field-tested innovations concepts like Situational Awareness, Fail-Safes, Biases in Incident Analyses, and Resilience. You’ll apply every concept to analyze a real incident in your workplace. And you’ll walk away with a practical Action Plan for integrating one HPI concept of your choice directly into your work culture. All participants receive a 50+ page, pocket-sized HPI Handbook for Leaders plus a list of practical resources, and a few surprises.


After completing this workshop: participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the three core strategies of HPI:
    1. Apply Defenses
    2. Improve Processes
    3. Build Resilience
  2. Predict errors on a real world job by answering the five pre-job questions (adapted from the SAFER Qs)
  3. Improve Situational Awareness on a real world job by applying the Scan & Focus technique
  4. Improve a real world work process by using the techniques of Fail-Safes and/or Defensive Design
  5. Apply the concept of Resilience to a job you perform
  6. Make a compelling argument for the adoption of the Just Culture
Price: $300.00