2017 HPRCT Conference Vendor Booth - No fee for registered attendees

Are you a vendor at this year's conference?  You can pay for your booth space right here!

Conference attendees: Booth space free-of-charge, (1 per company).  Contact Ginny Choong at G1W6@pge.com

Booth only:  $500.00. Price includes table, power, meals and snacks for one individual during the daily conference held Monday – Wednesday; Does not include any of the presentations or workshops, giveaways, evening reception or other sponsored events.

In addition, we would appreciate merchandise or other contributions which could go towards the prize drawings for participant booth interaction.

Booth Activities

Each booth is responsible for setting up some kind of activity designed to engage and interact with conference attendees. Ideally this would be in the form of some kind of activity (e.g. signing up for mailing list; booth games to win swag). At minimum, the interaction should involve a discussion of what the booth is presenting.

Booth Staffing

Each booth is required to have a minimum of 1 person staffing the booth during the following periods:

  • 30 minutes before first session of the day (Mon-Wed)
  • All scheduled breaks (Mon-Wed)
  • First and last 15 minutes of lunch (Mon-Wed)
  • 30 minutes following last session of the day (Mon-Tues only)

The booth staff is responsible for engaging with conference participants and ensuring stamp cards are stamped.

Unstaffed booths (i.e. unmanned tables set up with brochures and pamphlets) will not be permitted.

Price: $500.00