2017 General Session Conference Presentations

Aileen Sullivan:
Integrating human performance into the business so it is not seen as a ‘bolt on’ to
deliver sustainable business results

Chris Eckert:
RCA and Big Data—The Potential Future State of Problem Solving

Rob Fisher:
Using the Essential Leadership Cycle to drive HP

Helene Harding:
Benefits of Human Performance Principles in Oil and Gas Operations An Executive

Bob Latino:
What is Wrong with Root Cause Analysis

Dr. Thomas Diller / Rey Gonzalez:
A Glowing Resemblance – A Compare and Contrast of Medical and Nuclear Performance
Improvement Initiatives

Sidney Dekker:
Safety Differently, Part I: From counting negatives to enhancing positives;
Turning safety management into safety leadership

John Carroll:
The Invisible Organization or Why Change Fails to Take Root

Jeff White:
Fix the Worker vs. Fix the System

Sean Granville:
Delivering the Nuclear Promise:  Advancing Safety, Reliability And Economic

Bob Nelms:
What Happened To Me When I Confronted the Subject of Risk Head-On

Wendy L. Harris:
What Lies Beneath: An Aspect of Human Performance That’s Driving Institutional

Joe Estey:
The Real Definition and Practice of Engaging Hearts and Minds

Laurie Shelby:
Integrating Human Performance and Critical Controls – Plan for Failure

Jake Mazulewicz:
How to Boost Engagement and Understanding with Interactive Teaching Cases