2016 General Session Conference Presentations

Howard Bergendahl:
Strengthening the Safety Culture in a Healthcare Organization using Nuclear Power
Industry Processes
C. Robert Nelms:
Failure and Introspection

Bill Sims Jr:
Green Beans & Ice Cream

Johnathon Thomas:
National Safety Council

Todd Conklin:
Pre-Accident Investigations: Better Questions

Mark Anderson:
Death By Chilling

Tony Muschara:
Risk -Based Thinking

Jake Mazulewicz:
Decision-Making: One Brain – Two Systems

Bob Edwards:
Managers of Metrics

Rey Gonzalez:
Coaching to Enhance Performance

Brian Hughes:
Proactive RCA: A Crystal Ball for Predicting the Future

Kristin Klein / James Newman:
Using Human Performance to Reduce Pediatric Medication Errors

Bob Latino:
What Baby Boomers Should Know about How the U.S. Healthcare System Handles RCA