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In June, 2020 we tested the idea of offering a series of monthly webinars to our members. 
Over 100 people registered to hear 3 different webinars during our first WEBINAR WEEK.
Because of that success, we will be routinely soliciting volunteers to present HPRCT-related webinars to our members.  As we get those volunteers, we will 1) announce them in our monthly Netletter .
Please consider sharing your expertise by volunteering to present during one of our WEBINAR WEEKS. email Bob Latino <blatino@reliability.com>; Dean Smith <OneInFront@gmail.com>

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Ed Kline will present on 'Using predictive analysis in managing risk'

Safety performance and reliability in radiotherapy is worse than in other high-reliable organizations. Local systems are inadequate to investigate incidents, identify contributing factors, and implement action plans. Failures result in compromised clinical operations and noncompliance with regulatory requirements. Ed Kline will analyze errors that were prospectively reported to a software-based error reduction program in order to identify common error pathways. Ed will examine where failures occurred, the overall error rates, and how his observed rates compared with others. Based on lessons-learned from implementing his program at multiple radiation oncology centers, Ed will describe the next steps in software development using predictive analysis in managing risk. Ed’s model of applied artificial intelligence comes from a very personal and sensitive body of learning — ensuring patient safety and reporting accuracy related to radiotherapy. Ed will share how his work, in collaboration with other experts, have reduced overall errors, decreased costs, facilitated buy-in, and improved efficiency throughout the entire treatment process. These insights are applicable across industries, so please plan to join us for this discussion.


About Ed Kline :

Mr. Kline is a medical/health physicist with experience in management and operations of radiation oncology  centers. Mr. Kline has over 37 years of experience in these areas: (1) design/start-up of new centers, (2)  oversight of operations; (3) clinical physics, health physics, and regulatory compliance programs; and (4)  management of QA, radiation safety, and risk management programs. 

Mr. Kline is the Founder of RadPhysics Services LLC (RPS), Albuquerque, NM. RPS provides solutions for  patient safety and risk management in radiation oncology. Mr. Kline is also a partner and COO - Clinical  Operations & Physics at US Cancer Therapies LLC (USCT), Grapevine, TX. At USCT, Mr. Kline manages the clinical operations, physics/dosimetry, and IT at 5 radiation oncology centers. 

Mr. Kline has worked for large healthcare organizations, universities, hospitals, private industry, and  consulting companies in health physics, medical physics, and patient safety. Mr. Kline has also worked for  federal agencies responsible for regulating the safe use of radioactive materials. 

Mr. Kline has received graduate degrees from the University of Miami (FL) in radiological physics and the  University of Miami School of Medicine in nuclear medicine technology. He received his undergraduate  degree from Virginia Tech in biology/health physics. 

Mr. Kline has served on various state technical advisory boards and chaired committees at the American  College of Medical Physics (ACMP). Mr. Kline has over 30 publications, 35 presentations, and is licensed in  five states in various medical/health physicist categories. He has received various awards from the ACMP,  U.S. NRC, and private/state innovation organizations.


10:30 AM ET- 12:00 PM ET

There are only 300 seats available

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Ed Kline presents on 'Using predictive analysis in managing risk'